Cheapest WiFi Provider in Nakuru

Cheapest WiFi Provider in Nakuru

Acrab Internet is one of the fast-growing WiFi providers in Nakuru. The company offers wireless internet in Nakuru, Gilgil, Sobea, Njoro, Kabarak, Eldoret, Eldama Ravine, Mogotio, Salgaa among other towns.

To get a WiFi internet connection, a site survey is done at the expense of the company. Once connection is established the equipment needed includes the following; Litebeam, Wireless router, Cat 6 Cable. Acrab has the cheapest package going for Ks. 2,000/= 

Acrab Internet has a new installation plan (Mwananchi Plan) where a client pays for service fee Ks 2,500 and a monthly package of his/her choice. If for example, you choose 2Mbps which is Ks 2,500 you will pay a total of Ks. 5,000/= during installation.

Being one of the best internet service providers in Nakuru, Acrab Internet focuses on a super-fast wireless internet connection at an affordable price. Unlimited speed is important and cheap in the long run since there is no limit to usage. This model is cheaper and way more powerful, unlike data bundles. 

To get a WiFi connection, call/text us on 0722 625 525 or 0735 092 375 and we will be glad to offer a wireless internet solution. To check our coverage visit here.

Acrab Internet Installation Package Options For Home Users

  1. Mwananchi Plan – Ks 2,500 (Exclusive monthly package)
  2. Hustler Plan – Ks 6,500 (Exclusive monthly package)
  3. Premium Plan – Ks 13,500 (Exclusive monthly package)

For an in-depth explanation about the installation package plans visit here

Reasons to Choose Acrab Internet for a Wireless Internet Connection

  • Fast installation process
  • Fast support 24/7
  • Ultra-speed internet connection
  • The power to live stream anytime
  • Flexible tariff plans, among others.

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